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Following are the different kinds of services that our team provides:

We are the leading providers and specialists of plaster ceiling, electrical & wiring, office partition, office renovation and house renovation, thereby providing you all kinds of solutions related to design, building as well as maintenance of your home or office space.

We provide easy solutions to all your queries in the above listed matters and assure you a first-hand service, once and for all. We tend to deliver all the results that are based on our hard work and commitment towards your need and choices.

Plaster ceiling 石膏工程

One of the most important services that we extend to our clients and customers is the service of plaster ceiling. The trend of plaster ceiling has become very popular in the world of renovation today and more number of people are opting for the same in order to make their house or office space look more defined. The importance of installing a plaster ceiling at your house or office could be brought to perfection by our team.

We are the experts in the business and we make sure to install a perfect plaster ceiling in your house or office space. From making the use of good quality product to covering every minute detail while installing the ceiling, we make sure we perform every job with utmost dedication and perfection.

Office partition 屏风工程

Office partition is one of the most widespread trends today. Just like your house, your office space is equally important and the same should be maintained and taken good care. The importance of partitioning the workplace is highly appreciated by a number of people in the recent times.

Our services are at the frontline in availing the services related to office partition. We ensure smooth business operations, value addition as well as enhance your privacy by the way of extending the service of office partition. Our team of experts fetches you with a number of options and they further use it at your disposal and serve you with the best.

House Renovation 房屋装修

We understand the importance of renovating your house in the most beautiful manner and hence we do not compromise a little in providing the services related to house renovation. We are well-versed with all the recent renovation trends, a good use of sobriety as well as technology – and thus we fulfill your dream of a perfect renovation using all these skills.

From installing the latest ceilings to using different styles of paintings, curtains and decorations, we does it all.

Office Renovation 办公室装修工程

Just like the services relating to house renovation, our office renovation services are on point as well. We make sure to renovate your office space in the most professional and organized manner. We match everything with your brand and make sure that everything falls in place, as per your own requisites. Our office services speak both, quality as well as affordability.

Apart from this, we offer various other services as well. Get in touch with us and explore the wide array of services that we offer.

Electrical & Wiring 电线工程 / 拉电工程

Such installations require high power electrical wiring and obviously experienced and proficient engineers who know how to and when to do the magic with the wires, the sockets, the pinpoints and the electrical feeder lines.

In fact, our team of experienced engineers provide top class services regarding the electrical appliances, their repairing and their management. Besides handling the electrical appliances and wire mesh in your homes, we are also capable enough of handling the sockets and their installations or repairs.

Painting Services 油漆工程

We provide you with all kinds of expert consultation in regard to materials, colors as well as cost before taking up the project of painting your residential or commercial space. We are highly skilled and aim to deliver the project within the required time period. You are merely required to choose the service package as per your needs, get the advice of the expert in regard to colors and materials. Once everything is decided, we make sure to finish your entire project within the said time-period and budget.

We make sure to work on the projects with full coordination, supervision as well as dedication, thereby delivering the best results both on the residential as well as commercial front. We fit into all kinds of budgets and hence expenses is something that you should least worry about. With us, you get the opportunity to paint your dream.

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